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Current Events and Latest News

Hunter's First Hunt

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Latest news since chemo ended!

The first thing we did was take a trip to Toys R Us. We were so excited to be done with chemo and we knew that one more really bad down time would hit either in a couple of days or about a week. So, we ceased the opportunity to bring some joy into Hunter's life. Aside from winning the battle, this hero deserves some fun rewards!

The Thomas and Friends isle in Toys R Us
Hunter knows all of the names of the trains and he asks for every one of them. We spent $80.00

The next thing that happened was sister Lilly. She was born on June 1st. Hunter was prepared for this. He no longer had his G-tube and he was nourishing himself with many milk bottles and juice. He was also beginning to eat small solid meals through out the day. I was so worried about Hunter being able to sustain himself nutritionally because it was hard work keeping him on schedule with the G-tube feedings. I'm so proud of him that he rose to the occassion and was prepared for this big change.

Sister Lilly June is born
Whaa! Whaa! Well, we prepared all that we could... the rest is wing'in it.

Oh, then there's also sister Addy. She graduated from Jr. High. She's growing up so fast. Hunter ran around the auditorium/gym the during the whole ceremony with Dad running after him. He's got his energy back. Lilly slept through it all. Addy had a great time. Schools out for summer!

Graduation from Junior High
My beauty is in the middle

And a very important person in our family is always Thomas the Tank Engine. Hunter got to meet him in person on the Mt. Hood Railway. We took pictures with him and we rode the rails in the passenger cars: Annie and Clarabel.

Hunter played in the Imagination Station, we listened to music, ate good food, watched a Thomas movie, pet the animals, and bought some more toys: Bill and Ben. We were all there (except for Dad because he had to work): Grandma Vicky, Grandpa Mike, Mom, Addy, and Oliver (the neighbor boy).

Hunter visits the REAL THOMAS!
It was an exciting day. This is a picture of Hunter on a completely Leggo Thomas

Running out of disk space...  In order to preserve the pictures that I've already posted above and below this blurb, I've created a photo album for latest news.  But, I need to purchase more disk space before I can link it to this page.  Thanks for your patients with this.

This is the MRI update section

Hunter will have an MRI every 3 months for the first two years after chemo. After that, it will be every 6 months for another 2-3 years. After that, it will be every year for about 5 years. As a young adult it will be every 5 years and as a grown man it will be every 10-15 years.

First post chemo MRI
All is Clear! This MRI was done immediately after chemo ended.

Second post chemo MRI
All is clear!

Third post chemo MRI, Feb. 15, 2006
All is Clear!

One year post chemo MRI, May 18, 2006
All is clear!