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Donations Updates

Hunter's First Hunt

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Welcome to the Donations page. 

On this page you will see Donations that have been given to various charities in behalf of Hunter Mills.  
Reasons for donations: 
  • to support cancer research specific to childhood cancers;
  • to be a blessing to families that are still in the middle of their battle with cancer and chemo;

UPDATE! Addy's (Hunter's teenage sister's) HS band collected money during the Christmas 2006 parade and donated around $400.00 to Doernbecher Children's Hospital in Hunter's name.   

UPDATE!  Addy, is now working with her high school key club on a fundraiser for Doernbecher Children's Hospital.  On February 24th, the group of key club volunteers are holding a desert and dance night in the cafeteria of the high school.  Hunter is the guest of honor and he will receive a free desert.  Reservations cost $7 per person.  We look forward to a large turn out and lots of fun. 

*See photos of this event at bottom of page*

You will also see a link to Pay Pal to donate directly to Hunter Mills.

Reasons for donations:

  • Medical insurance:  Hunter currently does not have medical insurance.  He's been without it since beginning of December '05. 

See an UPDATE of this donation reason at the bottom of the paragraph!

When Hunter's tumor was discovered and treatment was given, we had insurance through Dad's job.  But, Dad has switched jobs recently and now, Hunter is not covered.  We are in the process of having Hunter's application reviewed by Blue Cross Blue Shield, which (expected) will probably be denied because he has pre-exisisting condition.  Then, according to plan, we will be able to apply for Oregon Group Insurance which is only available for people who have been denied coverage.  The premiums will be higher than regular individual insurance at around $400 per month and we will have to pay for this out of pocket.   

This will be a big bill for us to take on per month.  Dad's income level has also dropped by $500.00 with the change in employers. He quit his previous job because the employer was abusive, constantly threatening to fire him if he did not work, even during Hunter's surgeries when Sean wanted to be at the hospital at least for the day (each surgery was life threatening).  Sean compromised (too much) and maintained the job through Hunter's treatment but, finally had enough, quit, and then realised that finding another job in his field of work (construction) with insurance benefits was not easy to come by. We both still support his decision to quit but, we also regret some things. 

I am not planning to go back to work because I want to be at home with Hunter as much as I can for as long as I can. So, we are stuck in a little bit of a tight spot. I just trust that if we do right by our hearts and what we believe will work for Hunter, that we will find a way. 

If you would like to help out with a donation during this time of transition or come along side us with support on a monthly basis, you are welcome.  Hunter is worth it.

UPDATE! We have insurance and we don't have to pay a dime!  With the reduction of income, Sean's wages, we now qualify for the Oregon Health Plan.  For the next six months Hunter is covered 100% with no copays and his siblings are covered also.  Praise God for his provision! 

  • Hunter's happiness -if you would like to just make a donation to go Hunter just for the sake of bringing him some personal happiness like a toy, summer camp, or a trip to the zoo, you are welcome to do that as well.  Please, just send me an email through the link so that I know where and how to use the money. 

Worried, about the money?  Please, be assured that we don't drink or use drugs and that we live a modest (on the tight side), typical family life.  We don't spend in excess and we don't waste.  If you specify that the money should go to Hunter for his personal happiness or to the monthly insurance bill, I will follow through an apply it (with much graditude and appreciation) to the correct place. 


>>>>this page is still under construction<<<<< 


Photos of fundraisers

Addy and Katie (WSHS Key Club Members)
These girls were part of the advertising committee.