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Hunter's First Hunt

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On this site you will learn about Hunter's First Hunt against an invisible preditor -CANCER-.

Hunter is a little boy who took on a great battle, looked death in the eye, conquered him, and came out from the fight an unscathed hero. The weapons of his warfare were prayer, trust, a shield of protection from God and his parents, chemicals, surgery, and a pure heart that thrived to live.

On this home page you will hear how it started:

Before Hunter was even conceived we prayed for him and prepared our lives to serve him as parents. Everything fell in line according to plan on the first try. Mom had a heathly pregnancy. Hunter's delivery went perfect.

Hunter Logan Mills was born on May 8, 2003 to the proud parents of Sean and Yvonne Mills. He weighed in at 9 pounds even and 19 inches long; a rolly polly baby boy.

We named him Hunter because we believe that he will be a brave warrior and an excellent Hunter just like his Dad.

As Hunter began to learn and grow in normal development he brought so much joy into our hearts and lives (just as he still does). He was an easy baby; very content and easy to meet his needs. As we parent him and watch him continue to grow, we have great hopes and dreams for his warm and loving spirit to touch the rest of the world, everyone that he meets, with the same joy he gives to us.

On September 23, 2004, the preditor struck with his first blow. And while our hopes and dreams remain the same for Hunter now the peace, contentment, and security that we were resting in was ripped out from under our feet (link to Discovery for the rest of the story).

Please, visit all of the pages on this website. You will see the story of Hunter's First Hunt. I pray that as you see the pictures, read our stories, and get to know our hearts, you will be blessed.

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A day with Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends (7/05)

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Hunter discovers the wonders of the sea (pre-battle)

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Picking up where we left off: A trip to Oregon Coast Aquarium, 8/05, (post-battle hero)

Thanks for dropping by and taking a look at Hunter's First Hunt. Please get in touch with any comments or reactions at Mom's email address ( PS: The drama geek is not Hunter; it's Addy, big sister.